Introduction: Misused Sticky Notes

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I misused sticky notes to make flowers.

They are pretty easy.

And pretty pretty!

I hope you like them.

Step 1: The SUPPLIES I Used

-sticky notes

-glue stick

-tacky glue

-hot glue

-card board or card stock

-paint (optional)

-a pen wrapped in sandpaper

-needle nose pliers (I used little hemostats)

-a little bit of any kind of cord

-a compass or anything you can trace to make a circle

Step 2: Gather Your Supplies

I went about gathering every sticky note pad I could find.

What I found was, I have A LOT of sticky note pads!

I didn't realize I have so many.

(I need to stop impulse buying)

I sorted them out.

Step 3: Curl Your Notes!

Give your note pads a "pre-curl."

I used the pen w the sand paper to give the papers a bit of a curve.

The sandpaper helps to get a grip on the note paper.

This step isn't absolutely necessary,

but it really helps the papers keep their shape and stay together when you glue them

Step 4: Make Some Cone Spapes

...I made a bunch of these cone shapes.

You want to curl your note paper so that the "sticky" will be along the

right hand side, bottom, facing you and inside of the cone when its glued

The "sticky" from the note pad is not strong enough to hold the cone shape together.

You have to use glue.

So why not glue where there already is glue?

The glue stick works best.

-no messy drips

-fast dry time

-easy to use


there is one drawback with the glue stick. No, two drawbacks.

1. If you leave the cap off for any length of time, it starts to dry out. Big Bummer!

2. You need both hands to open it

In the next step I'll show you how I dealt with this problem, for this project.

Step 5: Oops

I don't know how I skipped this page.

And I don't know how to fix it.

Moving on.

Step 6: Tips and Such

To over come the dry glue stick, I simply drilled a hole in the glue lid,

and screwed it to a piece of scrap wood.

I clamped the wood to my work table.

This worked great.

The glue didn't dry out, (didn't get a chance) and I could use it with one hand!

That's important for this project.

Step 7: Make the Back

We've made a bunch of sticky note cones.

Now we need a base to attach them to, to start building our flowers.

I use this compass to make a couple of circles.

I cut each one out, twice.

I cut two pieces of cord, about 5" each.

I glued two circles of cardboard together with the cord sandwiched in between.

I left a loop of the cord out of the "sandwich" to use as a hanger.

Then I painted one side, the outside, of each.

I forgot to take a pic after I painted, so the pic above is the back of a finished flower.

Step 8: Time to Make the Flowers

Above you can see my progress when making this flower.

I just "auditioned" different cones until I liked the combination,

then I used the hot glue to adhere the cones to one of those circle cardboard

bases that I made

Step 9: Bigger Flower

This flower is big!

It's 12.5" across at the base.

Same as the previous flower,

I used hot glue to attach the petals but

Instead of cardboard, I made the base with two pieces of card stock, the cord/loop in the middle.

No painting required.

Step 10: Thin Pointy Cones

I used these thin, pointed cones as a decorating element.

Here is how I made them.

You could probably make them just by following my numbered pics

(I know, fancy!)

The only trick is in step 3.

You really have to work it. You're gonna slide the corner of the paper back & forth.

While you're doing that, you also want to loosen & tighten the roll you have on the paper.

At one point it will seem like you are going to pull the paper out of your grip (pliers or hemos) you

won't. Just keep pushing & pulling (the paper corner) and twisting.& turning.your pliers.

Be gentle, you don't want to rip your paper.

Like magic, it will form a pointed cone.

Glue it. Give it 20 to 30 seconds to set. Remove. Add to your stack of thin pointy cones.

Step 11: Flower Center

I glued a thin pointed cone inside a bigger cone to make the flower center(s).

Then glued them to the center of the flowers.

Glued the "points" , randomly, to the big flower.

And... ta-da...

Step 12: Finished

Here are my completed flowers.

I know, in the last photo they appear to be floating in

purple space.

I hope you give these flowers a try.

You can make them extra fancy, or keep them low key.

The possibilities are endless! You could glue two alike flowers back-to-back.

You could use them to decorate a birthday party, a shower (baby or bridal), backyard party or an office party!

Just don't tell your boss where you got the sticky notes from.