Introduction: Say It With TAGS or BOOKMARKS

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For the trash to treasure challenge, I'm sharing how I turn trash mail into treasured TAGS, that you can attach to gifts or hang from a rear view mirror, and /or BOOKMARKS, that you can use to hold your place in a book or magazine. You can also share them with your hardcover friends.

Step 1: The SUPPLY List

1. adverts. from your mailbox.

2. scissors. I use regular and the fancy cutting kind.

3. some card stock.

4. a paper trimmer. for those really straight lines.

5. corner punch.

6. laminator.

7. markers.

8. hole punch.

9. misc. glass beads.

10. embroidry floss.

11. glue

Step 2: Look at the Adverts

you can find many, MANY, sayings on your store circulars. look for encouraging words, or funny sayings.

then cut them out. (of the pile of TRASH you got in the mail)

Step 3: Stick These Words

glue these sayings to card stock.

Step 4: Disguise

you can hide the fact that the paper used for these adverts are cheap by hitting the edges with a matching magic marker.

Step 5: Once They'er Glued Down

now you make straight cuts with a paper cutter.

then nip off the corners with a punch. or scissors.

run them through the laminator. punch a hole.

Step 6: Floss and Beads

i used tape to hold the floss. so i could use glue on the ends. because it is much easier to thread on beads if the end are stiff.

so thread on some beads. tie to the tags. enjoy your new treasures!

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