Introduction: Mitad Del Mundo (Scene) Instructable

For my school I had to make a project that consists to redo one tourist place from Ecuador that I want to go when quarantine is over. I chose "La Mitad del Mundo" which is located in Quito. I selected this place because I think that everybody should visit it due to all the touristic places and shops that are located there and also because it is one of the most popular and important place in Quito, and many tourists go there. To do this project we are going to use a platform named "Tinkercad" which allows us to make many projects with our own creativity, it has a lot of different shapes and color to do our work.

So here I am going to explain you how I made mine.


Step 1: Creating the Center.

First you will add a box and make it in the form of a rectangle.Then you need to add a pyramid and do it very big in the large, and the wide of the size of the rectangle we did before, so then what we do after, we won't see the apex of the pyramid. In the top of the pyramid you will put one big rectangle, which is the most important part of the project. Up there you will place three boxes in the size that are shown in the next image. Up there you will settle a sphere, which is also one of the most important parts of "La Mitad del Mundo". Next you will select all the work and in the upper right hand corner is a button that says GROUP and you will select that button, so then when you need to move the project you don't need to move one by one, it will move all at the same time.

Step 2: The Outside.

To finish your work you need to do the outside, that are the four little monuments around the big monument that we did before. To do that you need to follow the steps that I will tell you now. First you need to place one square box at the side of one of the apex, and up there a tiny rectangle and do the same but smaller. There is an image in where you can guide. You will do what you did before, group what you have done right now, and copy-paste in the other three apex of the rectangle.

Step 3: The Work Is Almost Finished.

You will group all the work, and then select the color that you want, I selected gray because I think it is the color that better looks like the real one. Now we are going to make our "Mitad del Mundo" more colorful and that can make people watch it.

Step 4: The Last Details.

To finish your work we are going to make the line that represents the center of the world, and some trees, so the place will be more beautiful. To do the line we are going to select the box and do it very thin and in the large that is shown in the image, and copy-paste it in the other side of the monument. Then we are going to do the trees. To do the trees we are going to do the tree trunk with the box and then the leaves. I did three types of tress, one with a diamond, the other with a circle and the last one with the torus. You can do it with the one you prefer. To do the one with the circle only put the circle above the trunk, with the diamond is the same, but with the torus you have to make 5 torus with the same size and then put them above the trunk, one by one. Everything is shown in the image if something you didn't understand how to do it.

Step 5: Your Work Is Finished

And that's it, you finish your "Mitad del Mundo". Hope you like it and it is easy to understand and recreate.

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