Introduction: Mjolnir Foam Hammer


Faux Leather

Gorilla tape

Elmers multi-purpose spray adhesive

Spray insulating foam

Foam primer

Rustoleum hammered paint

8-inch serrated knife

Sandpaper 60 grit and 120 grit


Fast drying drywall mud


Safety goggles

Measuring tape



Cardboard box

Wax paper


Hand saw


Step 1: Saw

Measure the broom handle to 16.6535 inches and draw a marker line at that point then Using the handsaw, cut along the marker line

Step 2: Pam & Wax Paper

Line the walls of the shoebox with wax paper and spray them with pam

Step 3: Handle Hole

Cut a hole in the center of your shoe box lid and place the handle inside

Step 4: Filling

Cut a few entry points to spray foam into the box and then spray it until the box is full

Step 5: Wait

Wait 24 hours

Step 6: Cutting

Remove the foam from the box and peel away all wax paper and cut foam to size

Step 7: Covering

Cover hammer in drywall mud

Step 8: Sanding

Sandpaper the drywall mud to size

Step 9: Sealing

Spray Foam Primer onto the Hammer

Step 10: Painting

Spraypaint the hammer to look metallic

Step 11: Measuring

Cut faux leather into strips twice the length of the handle

Step 12: Gluing

Use Elmer's spray adhesive to coat the back of the leather and wrap around the handle

Step 13: Looping

Roll the remaining Faux Leather at the end of the handle tightly into a coil for loop then cut Gorilla tape into very thin strips and loop around the coil and attach back to handle

Step 14: Finished

You have your own Mjolnir to Wield Thor's Power

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