Mmm ...(multi-tasking Masculine Media) Room- Share Your Space With Ikea Challenge

Introduction: Mmm ...(multi-tasking Masculine Media) Room- Share Your Space With Ikea Challenge

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MMM- this room would look really wonderful and function better with a few new additions from Ikea!  

This room functions as:
the TV room
the laundry folding room
the room where our son gets ready for after school sports/ with storage for school and team uniforms for football, baseball, and basketball 
the place where our two dogs nap, and occasionally my husband might sneak a little rest in too. clothing storage, TV position, a comfortable place for at least 2 people or two dogs to rest, and footstools to put your feet or your freshly sorted laundry on, were all important features to factor into the room.

As you can see, we had started furnishing this room with Ikea pieces and were off to a great start.  We had purchased already a Hemnes 3 drawer  chest, an Ektorp loveseat, and matching footstools.

This summer my husband had a kidney transplant, and I was his donor, so everything pretty much came to a halt.  We're both feeling much better now, and are looking forward to making our home a little cozier and more functional.

I've spliced together photos of this small room so that you can have more of a 360 degree view of what it looks like now, and what it could look like with a few special touches from Ikea. The two first photos on this Instructable were modified with Photoshop Elements to show you what the room could look like with the new Ikea products, new wall colors and two hand-painted murals. The two photos on the right are what the room looks like now.

The additions are:
the Gislev rug/ or Alvine rug
new wall colors: a warm grey, with wall murals that I would hand-paint to coordinate with the rug pattern
a Besta Storage unit, with hanging bars 
a Hemnes mirror to hang over the Hemnes chest of drawers
Alang wall lamps
3 Haverdal frames with chalk art that our children would draw
new curtains 
an Ekby Gruvan shelf to hold the TV remote, and give my son a place to set his juice glass down :)

Thanks for the opportunity to share our space :)

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