Introduction: Moana

Moana boat for Halloween built around my kids seasaw


Paint- red, blue and brown
Outdoor branches
White plastic tablecloth
Remote twinkle lights- blue and white from Amazon
Screws and screw gun
Artificial flower/plant wreath from Michael's
Brown pool noodle
Wood slats
Brown felt
Black screen
Bendable strips of board
Clear plastic board from Home Depot
Add brown pool noodle and tie with twine
Use push cart to move boat around

Step 1: Moana Boat

First lay seasaw on side and trace outline on plywood to make each side of the house...use 2x4 to wedge in between both sides and the seasaw and screw together.
Cut plywood to for the front and rear top of boat to creat a solid top/seat for kids

Step 2: Moana Bost

Paint wood brown
Add brown felt over there center bar of seasaw and seat area
Use two large branches to create sail by screwing into the wood and using twine for cosmetics
Use white plastic table cloth and staple to the branches
Paint the red circle on the white sail
Decorate with artificial green garland
String lights with staple gun around sail
Paint wood slats brown then screw together as shown and attach to side of boat
Use twine for decoration
Paint plastic craft board blue and cut in the shape of waves and attach to from and back end of boat with screws
Shape front and back of boat point with bendable wood piece and staple together.
Add black mesh over top

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