Introduction: Mob Spawner

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Step 1: Extra Instructions

This spawned will only work in survival, it can be created from any material, it will make mobs fall into the water and make them fall and die, then you can collect the stuff!

Step 2: Make a Base Like This

At the end of making this, you can put water in the space behind there to bring the items to you.

Step 3: Stack

Keep on stacking for 18 blocks up

Step 4: Platform

Start to build the platform

Step 5: Finish

The finished product of the platform, go back to signs for measurements.

Step 6: Build

Start making walls like this, don't fill the walls and roof in.

Step 7: Build Up

Build up the wall only 2 blocks high.

Step 8: Build a Cross

Build like this, so it makes a cross with the middle as the center of the cross.

Step 9: Signs

Place signs like this, this is very vital to the next step.

Step 10: Water

Place water at the edges of the cross, this is where the mobs will fall and then fall and die.

Step 11: Fill In

Fill in the roof and walls.