Introduction: Mobile Charger Carrying Case 0-12v Up to 5A

what we need:


power supply

screws, bolts, cables, switches, pins (see photo)

imax b6

some pieces of wood (I used 10mm marine plywood)







pencil or pen




extra: plexiglass sheet

Step 1: Cutting Wood and Assembly

the steps are simple but watching the video is easier to understand how to proceed.

in the meantime, the 2 holes for the fan and the 220v power supply must be made

then cut the wood so create a base on the bottom and secure the power supply and the first fan.

place 1 fan above the feeder and one at the hole on the bottom of the case.

cut another piece of wood that will cover all and make the necessary holes.

I put a sheet of plexiglass because my switches were not suitable to be inserted on the 10mm wooden sheet

make the connections so that the fuse is connected immediately to the input of the 220v current, then a switch to close the whole circuit, power the 2 fans and the 2 outputs.

the other switch I connected to the fan on the bottom of the suitcase prepared for when I put a buffer battery inside it

the project is very simple and very useful if you like RC modeling or even if you want to charge your devices while traveling.

if you want, in the other part of the suitcase, you can create a small door where you can keep all the necessary cables.

sorry for my bad english !!!

Step 2: About Imax B6:

programmable balanced battery charger, 12V, output power 50W (charge 5A)

battery supported:Li-poly, Li-Ion, Li-Fe, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, Pb.

Charge up to 6 Li-poly cells and 15 Ni-MH cells.

Output 50W 5A from 7.4v(2S) to 22.2v(6S) universal SKY-RC