Introduction: Mobile Phone Infrared Air Conditioner Remote Control DIY Production

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In the hot summer, when you go home or office, you want to turn on the air conditioner but you can't find the remote control for a while. It's a very annoying thing. In the era when this mobile phone does not leave, can you use the mobile phone as a remote control to turn on the air conditioner? The answer is certainly yes. Some smartphones will come standard with an infrared transmitter, so you only need to download the corresponding air conditioner remote control APP. Can be used directly. But the question is, what should we do if our mobile phone itself does not have an infrared transmitter?

Then do it yourself as an infrared transmitter for your mobile phone. With this external infrared transmitter, combined with the corresponding APP can not only control the air conditioner but also control the infrared control equipment such as TV sets and set-top boxes.

Step 1: Material Preparation

1, 3.5mm audio plug 1

2, infrared emission tube 1

For these materials, we can buy it from the online shop

Step 2: Plug and Infrared Tube

The 3.5mm audio interface prepared this time is a metal case, and the infrared emission tube is an ordinary infrared tube.

Step 3: Welding

The infrared emissiontube is soldered to the left and right channel ends of the audio plug according to the principle diagram

Step 4: Insulation Treatment

The tape corresponds to the place where the tape is used for insulation to prevent short circuit.

Step 5: Successfully Produced

After the welding is completed, the cap of the plug is covered and the test can be carried out.

Step 6: Take Notes

After the production is completed, you can download the corresponding APP to perform the matching test. You can enjoy your production results after passing the test.


After the download is completed, the remote control will find the audio interface of the mobile phone. Since the naked eye of the human body cannot see the infrared light, you can use another mobile phone to turn on the camera function. When you press the APP button, check the infrared diode. Whether there is a luminous effect, if any, prove that there is no problem with the hardware connection; if not, re-check the welding is normal and repeat the test.


Adjust the volume of the phone to the maximum during use, which can increase the infrared emission power and increase the distance.

Step 7: Design Principle

In fact, the external infrared transmitter hardware principle of this mobile phone is very simple, and the components are few. Only one 3.5mm earphone plug and 1 and infrared emitting diode are needed. Other control timings are done by the mobile app. The mobile APP only needs to download the relevant remote control software such as “Remote Wizard” for free to match the corresponding air conditioner model and then use it directly.

As you can see from the schematic below, you only need to connect the two pins of the infrared diode to the left and right channels of the audio plug. The ground of the audio plug is left floating if there is no effect when testing. You can try to transfer it. In the schematic diagram, the 3-stage audio interface is used for illustration. If it is a 4-segment interface, the extra section is the headset section, which can be directly suspended, and the principle is the same.