Introduction: Mocking Bird House

These instructions guide you on how to build a mocking bird house. You will need to cut your own pieces of wood to make this object. There are images to help you along the way, hand drawn setches, and a 3D model from inventor to show you the finished project. Additionaly you will get a decision matrix that lead my team to this idea, and a design breif to help you. I hope you enjoy making our bird house!

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need to buy a piece of plywood that is bigger than 30in X 40 and only .5 in thick. Also, buy 1 pack of 1 in nails and 1.5 in pack of nails. You will also need a saw to cut the wood, sand paper to make your wood smooth (optinal), A drill , and either hot glue or wood glue.

Step 2: Cut the Pieces

Cut 2 pieces of plywood 11.5in X 8 in.

Step 3: Cut

Cut 2 pieces of plywood 11.5in by X 7 in.

Step 4: Cut

Step 4. Cut 1 piece of wood 8in X 8 in

Step 5: Cutting Triangles

Cut 2 pieces of plywood, these pieces are triangles They are 1 in thick,4 in tall,and 9 in wide.

Step 6: Cut

Cut 2 pieces of plywood 6in X 7 in.

Step 7: Cut

Step 7. Cut 2 stands. These are 3 in tall and they have a diameter of .5 in.

Step 8: Last Cut

Step 8: Cut a hole one of the 11.5 X 8 In the hole has a diameter of 3in . the center of the circle is 3in away from the bottom of the wood and 4 in away from the side of the wood.

Step 9: Nailing

Step 9. Nail (use 4 nails)(1 in) the other 11.5 in X 8 on the edge of the 8 X 8 like so.

Step 10: Nailing

Step 10. Nail (use 4 nails) (1 in) the 11.5 X 8 in pieace with the hole on the oppositeside of the edge of the 8 X8 in,like so.

Step 11: Nail

Nail ( use 4 nails)(1 in ) the 7 X 11.5in plywood in between the 2 pieces of wood to the 8 X 8 in like so.

Step 12: Repeat Step 11

Step 12 repeat step 11 but on the opposite side of the 8X8

Step 13: Nail

Step 13. Nail use 6 nails)(1 in) the 7 X 11.5 to the 8 X 11.5 on the side.

Step 14: Repeat

Step 14:Repeat step 13 on all sides to creat the box.

Step 15: Nail

Step 15. Nail the edge of the 6 X 8 to one of the triangular pieces.

Step 16: Nail

Step 16. Nail (1.5 in) the 6 X 7In piece to the 2nd triangualr piece with 5 nails.

Step 17: Repeat

Step 17: Reapet steps 15 and 16 with the other 6X7in to creat the roof.

Step 18: Nail

Step 18. Nail ( 1.5in) the roof to the top of the box

Step 19: Drill

Step 19: drill a hole 1/2in above the the large hole with a diameter of (1/2in).

Step 20: Last Step.

Step 20: Insert the pole through the small hole (1/2 in) so that the bottom of the pole is alligned with the wall. Then glue the bottom with hot glue or wood glue.