Introduction: Mod Podge Jewelry

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Step 1: Materials

Wooden block beads
Brown elastic string
A variety of magazines
Mod Podge

Step 2: Measuring the Bracelet

Make sure you string the beads together and wrap it around your wrist to confirm it fits. In my case I used 6 large wooden block beads. There was two holes in these ones. One up top and one towards the bottom. I carried the string through all the top holes then made a knot and looped them through the bottom holes. I decided that my bracelet would close in a toggle fashion. I left a loop at one end, so I could put a bead or something on the other end of the bracelet. It will close by putting the bead through the loop. Now, don't tie the knots and make it official now. You need to apply the Mod Podge and let it dry. Then you will string them back up and tighten your bracelet.

Step 3: The Fun Part

Magazines are always laying around and if you can reuse them in some way, why not! I had a couple Home and Garden Magazine's sitting around, so it gave me the inspiration for this piece. I used pictures of flowers. I choose bright colors so they would stand out. I traced the blocks, then cut the pictures down to size. I used glossy Mod Podge to give it a little shine. You can use any pictures or type of Mod Podge. Be creative!

Step 4: The End

Now that they are dry, you will need to string them back together. If you tried to trace them and Mod Podge them while strung together, you probably figured out it wasn't a great idea. Since you pre-measured the bracelet you will string it up the same way as in step one. Tie the knots sightly loose so you can adjust if needed. You can always go back and tighten them later.