Introduction: Model Magic Christmas Tree

This Project is cute, easy and fun to do with little ones. I made mine into a christmas tree ornament with my little sister, it was a lot of fun.


Model Magic (2)
Crayola washable markers
Something to poke a small hole through the star

Step 1: Platform (snow) & Tree Trunk

Divide the model magic into two seperate balls. They do not have to be huge just big enough for a platform (snow) and a sturdy tree trunk.

Step 2: Platform (Snow)

Take your first ball and flatten it out, you can create whatever shape you would like just make sure you can fit the trunk onto the platform.

Step 3: Tree Trunk

Next take your other ball of model magic and flatten it out. Take your brown marker and color the model magic, once colored, knead the model magic together. continue to flatten, color, and knead until you get the desired shade of brown. Once you get the desired shade mold the model magic into a cylinder shape (tree trunk), does not have to be really tall.

Step 4: Placement

Place your tree trunk on the platform

Step 5: Tree

*Refer to "Tree Trunk" to show how to knead the modle magic into green.

Take your other model magic and knead it into your desired green. Once you have your green mold it into a teardrop shape. Take your scissors and snip at the model magic, starting from the top continuing all the way around until you get to the bottom then place onto the tree trunk.

Step 6: Star (Christmas Tree Topper)

*Refer to "Tree Trunk" to show how to knead the modle magic into yellow.

Once you have your desired color shape your model magic into a star. I did mine by pinching the outer edges of the model magic. Once you have your shape poke a hole through the middle of the star to creat a hole for the string (I used a pencil to make my hole). The add your star onto the top of the tree.

Step 7: Present

If you have left over model magic you can create a little present for under the tree.
Take a bit if model magic and knead it into any color you choose, once you have your desired color, mold your Model Magic into a square shape. I drew lines down the middle on mine.
For the bow take two little colored balls and roll them out, not to long. then pinch the two ends together on each roll to make a small circular shape. Then place the each one on top of the present creating a small bow.
Then add the present under the tree.

Step 8: Christmas Ornaments

Take small balls of model magic and color them whatever color you would like, then roll them into small balls and add them on the tree wherever you would like.

Step 9: End Result

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