Introduction: Modern Floating Platform Bed Made From Leftover and Extra Materials

My son wanted to update his bedroom and wanted a floating platform style bed. I decided to make one instead of purchasing one because I was ready to disassemble my pallet entertainment center and I knew the pallets from that would make the perfect base. We live on the Texas Gulf Coast so have a concern with hurricanes. We had sheets of plywood that had been cut for windows and I used two to make this bed. We had Hurricane Harvey a few weeks after I finished this bed but luckily we had no window damage. I didn't board up any windows. I mixed a gray paint from left over white and black paint I had from other projects. He loves the final result!

Step 1: Modern Floating Platform Bed Made From Wood From Other Projects.

Materials used:

  • Pallets sections (4) that had been previously cut to use to create our entertainment center.
  • Plywood - 2 sheets previously cut for my windows in case of a hurricane.
  • Screws
  • Metal hardware plate connectors to connect the sheets of plywood to keep them from sliding apart
  • Corner brace hardware to secure the plywood sheets to the 2" X 8" X 6' boards
  • Drill/Driver
  • 3 long boards that I previously bought to make shelves. Approximately 2" X 8" X 6' - One board was cut to fit the width of the desired bed size.
  • Paint - I mixed black and white paint I had left over from other projects to create a shade of gray.

Step 2: Put It All Together

The pallets were arranged in two layers so that it would be the desired height and spaced them out enough to give enough support for the plywood bed deck.

Felt pads were placed on the bottom of the pallets that would touch the floor so that the laminate flooring would not get scratched by the bed.

The metal flat plate connectors were screwed into the top pallets so the base would be secure and would not slide apart.The plywood sheet were placed on the pallets and screwed down to make a secure bed foundation.

The 2" X 8" boards were attached to the plywood using corner brace hardware.

All visible surfaces were painted with the mixed gray paint.

The mattress was placed on top and the bed was finished.

Step 3: Took Apart This Entertainment Stand to Use the Pallets for the Platform Base

This piece was made from stacked pallets that I re-used after I received a pallet of books on them at work several year ago. It had been in my living room for a few years. I was ready for a different one so took it apart to have the pallets to use for the floating platform bed base. I am very much interested in re-using materials any time it is possible.

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