Introduction: ABOK 784 (aka Modified ABOK 784)

This is how the finished drawing of ABOK appears in the book.

There was a mistake in the layout drawing which is corrected here.

Thanks to Whyknot for showing how to do it.

Use as a zipper pull, key ring fob, lanyard

Step 1:

Tie an overhand knot forming a loop.

Step 2:

Bring B to the right on top of the loop.

Step 3:

Bring A to the left below the loop.

Step 4:

Bring A across and down through bight a.

Step 5:

Bring B across and up through bight b.

Step 6:

Bring A up through bight a.

Step 7:

Bring B through bight b.

Step 8:

Tighten slowly