Introduction: Modified Pinball Machine : Wood, PVC

Modified Pinball Machine : Wood, PVC

Step 1: Look Through the Blue Print

This is the blue pirint

Step 2: List the Materials and Tools


  1. Cardboard
  2. tape
  3. scissor
  4. Knife
  5. Measuring tape

The finish product

  1. Ruler
  2. Measuring tape
  3. Drill with different drill bits
  4. Wood saw
  5. Hand saw
  6. wood
  7. PVC pipe with different connectors
  8. Purple and black paint
  9. Screws
  10. screwdriver
  11. Ball bearing

Step 3: Build the Prototype

Build the prototype with cardboard and tape that is real size to the thing you are trying to make. Adjust dimension if needed.

Step 4: Build the Frame of the Pinball Machine Using PVC Frame

  1. One end of the frame need to be higher than the end by 20 cm to create an incline plane platform.
  2. The plate form needs to be 90 cm by 50 cm to makes sure the platform can be stable on it
  3. Make sure the height of the pinball machine correspond to the people who are trying to play it.
  4. Make sure you push the connectors all the way in so your measurement will not be inaccurate.

Step 5: Build the Box for the Pinball

  1. Tip use a seriously thick wood to make it Because we will put in additional mechanism to make it work later
  2. Remember you are going to use nails to assembly it as a result the width should be 2 times the thickness of the wood less than then the width of the PVC pipes
  3. . Before nailing the boards together remember you can use the glue to secure before screw it.
  4. Do not be trigger happy and glue it to the base or else you can not take it apart if you want
  5. For people who had not use screws before: Make sure you screw it with 5 mm away from the edge or the wood will split and the whole thing is going to be really ugly
  6. Lastly using four nails on the length side and 2 nails on the width with glue is more than enough you can do more but it is not necessary.

Step 6: Preparing for the Mechanism

  1. First define the basic board unit
  2. This is the base for your obstacles your flippers.
  3. If this thing is too small it will not be able to hit thing with your flippers and the obstacles will prove no threat.
  4. If it is too big than it will be boring because nothing will pass your goalie not to mention your walls on the side will not be able to mount your sticks that high and you can not do 360 spin on it with a PVC pipe
  5. That is why finding a good balance with them is crucial

Step 7: Making the Inner Mechanism

  1. Make the inner structure with the base wooden block
  2. Make sure the ball have a way to pass through the obstacles
  3. Make sure you manage to block off the places that your sliding block can not reach.\
  4. Make sure the plunger is nice and loose so that people can push it through the hole
  5. It is a good idea to out a wooden block to guide the stick but than you can use it without it
  6. You want to put blocks of wood at the corner to guide the ball through
  7. Remember to put a wood block guide the ball through
  8. Just remember that put in appropriate difficulty of the people playing it

Step 8: Do the Finishing Touches by Sanding and Painting It

  1. Make sure you sand every single part of it so that your customers are not hurt by some parts of the rough wood
  2. If your audience are little kids sand the corners
  3. When painting it remember to be creative
  4. If you are spray painting be sure to wear mask and do it in some place with circulation

Step 9: Attaching the Base With the Pinball Machine

1 IT is advise to screw it on

Step 10: Special Thanks To

  1. School : Christian Alliance International School
  2. Teachers : Mr. Nadar, Ms. Han
  3. Team :
    1. Cornelius
    2. Man Hei
    3. Jessie
    4. Beatrice