Introduction: Modified Poacher's Knot

I modified the Poachers Knot ABOK 409 by adding some turns. It makes an attractive join between a carabiner and a snap clip oy any other items.

In addition to the rings and cord you will need a hemostat (forceps, needle nose pliers).

Step 1:

Place your two rings close together and with the standing end close to the bottom ring bring the Working End WE down through the upper ring and up through the bottom ring.

Step 2:

Bring WE up and down through the upper ring.

Step 3:

Bring WE around all the strands and make as many turns around as desired.

Step 4:

five complete turns . . . .

Step 5:

. . . . reach through the knot with a hemostat to grab the WE.

Step 6:

Pull the WE through. Tighten the knot and by pulling on the top and bottom loops and the Standing End.

Step 7:

Trim the ends