Introduction: Modified Two-strand Diamond Knot

This is an attractive substitute for the standard 2-strand diamond knot.

It is ABOK 787 with two extra tucks

Step 1:

Middle your cord and make a small bight.

Step 2:

Make a smaller bight.

Step 3:

Place the smaller bight on top as shown.

Step 4:

Bring the left hand strand under . . . .

Step 5:

. . . . Then over, under over. Tighten.

Step 6:

Take the lower strand and bring it up through the next hole to its right.

Step 7:

Do the same with the other strand.

Step 8:


Step 9:

Take either strand and bring it over two and up trough the center of the knot.

Step 10:

Do the same with the other strand.

Step 11:

Grab the loop in one hand and the two strands in the other and pull apart gently. Squeeze the knot gently.

Step 12:

Tighten the knot one strand at a time. Now is the time to determine the size of the finished loop.