Introduction: Mods to Home Depot Tool Set SKU # 649170

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Just a few mods to the already excellent Home Depot Tool Set SKU # 649170.

Quick synopsis:

  1. Take out extra knife blades from box and secure them inside knife
  2. Tape down tabs in knife box and cover hole with paper and tape.
  3. Put various size screws inside box.
  4. Under hammer/wrench: flat construction pencil, hex drill bit (drilling capability), extra screwdriver bits (in bag) and duct tape wrapped around a piece of plastic.
  5. Wrap duct tape around a lag bolt place in space under wrench
  6. Wrap 2 screws with rubber bands and place in storage area to left of screwdriver under end of hammer.
  7. Place 2 inch screws in bag under mini-screwdrivers
  8. Wrap end of reciprocating saw blade in duct tape; place in space near scissors and clamps.
  9. Place tied paracord in space under top of scissors.
  10. Reinforce the plastic clips with duct tape and tie the handles together.
  11. Place several band aids in space under hammer and under clamps where reciprocating saw blade is.
  12. Wrap plastic gloves and place under metric hex keys.
  13. Wrap cable ties and place in space under scissors.

Step 1: Consolidate Knife Blades/tape Box

1. Take out extra knife blades from box
2. Unscrew and open utility knife; secure the extra blades inside knife and screw back together.
3. Use duct tape to hold down the tabs in the empty knife blade box.
4. Cover hole in box top with paper and tape. I used masking tape, but you can also use duct tape. Make sure the sticky side of the tape does not face down into the hole or the screws will stick to it.
5. Put various size screws inside box to use for storage.
6. Be careful that you do not pack the box too tightly, since the tabs may push the screws to the top of the box and make it difficult to slide open and close.

Step 2: Add Drilling, Writing and Taping Capability

  1. To add drilling capability to the set, put a hex drill bit in the large space under the hammer/wrench.
  2. The hex drill bit can be used in the screwdriver handle (2nd picture).
  3. Add a flat Home Depot carpenter's pencil to the storage space under the hammer/wrench.
  4. Place 2 drill/screwdriver bits in a bag and place in the storage space under the hamme/wrench.
  5. Cut a small piece of plastic about the width of duct tape.
  6. Wrap the piece of plastic in duct tape and place in the storage space under the hammer/wrench.

Step 3: 2nd Place for Duct Tape

  1. Wrap a lag bolt in duct tape.
  2. Place in the storage area under the top of the wrench.

Step 4: 2nd Place for Screws

  1. Wrap a rubber band around 2 large screws together (or place in small bag).
  2. Place in storage area to left of screwdriver, under the end of the hammer.

Step 5: 3rd Place for Screws

  1. Put several screws in a small bag (or wrap them in rubber bands).
  2. Place them in the storage area under the mini-screwdrivers.

Step 6: Add Sawing Capability

  1. Wrap the end of a reciprocating saw blade with duct tape. Make sure it is enough so that you can hold it safely and securely.
  2. Place the saw blade into the storage space under the utility knife, end of scissors and the plastic clamps.

Step 7: Paracord Storage

  1. Cut about a foot or 2 feet of paracord and tie into small bunch.
  2. Add tied paracord to the storage area under the scissors and plastic box (now holding screws but used to hold knife blades.

Step 8: Outside Mods

  1. Since the plastic clips are a little weak in the joint area, use duct tape to strengthen them before they break.
  2. To support the clips in holding the 2 sides of the storage box together, wrap a piece of string around the handles and lightly tie together. Do not knot it; it only needs to keep the 2 sides together temporarily. One should be able to undo the string quickly and easily.
  3. Another option for keeping the case together would be to use a plastic twist-tie and push it through the holes in the handles.

Step 9: Band-Aid Storage

Thank you to user "jmwells" for this excellent idea!

Band-Aid Storage

  1. There are 2 places in the HDX set where one can add band-aids.
  2. First, is in the large storage well under the hammer/wrench (along with the carpenter's pencil, duct tape, drill bit and extra screwdriver bits).
  3. Second is in the storage well where the reciprocating saw blade is stored, under the utility knife and plastic clamps.
  4. There should be enough room to store a few band-aids in each area.

Step 10: Plastic Gloves

  1. Get 2 thin plastic gloves and fold them down the middle
  2. Roll them into a ball from the fingers first to prevent air being trapped in them and wrap in a rubber band.
  3. Place them in the space under the metric hex keys.
  4. Push the hex keys down onto the glove to keep them in place.

Step 11: Cable Ties

  1. Get several cable ties and wrap them with a rubber band.
  2. Place in space under scissors and retractable knife.
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