Introduction: Monitor Picture Frame

Have a broken laptop? Make a picture frame with the laptop screen! I will demonstrate how to reuse the monitor to make a nice picture frame. You will need your laptop and a screwdriver.

Step 1: Get Your Broken Laptop

Get your broken laptop and start taking it apart. Every laptop is built differently so you will need to go online and figure out how to take apart yours.

Step 2: Start Taking the Plastic Boarder Apart From the Monitor.

You can use a plastic card or your screwdriver to help you do this step.

Step 3: Remove Everything

Anything that can be removed, remove it. Any wires should be out. After doing that the screen should be free, carefully remove that. Remove any shielding that might be behind the screen.

Step 4: Put the Plastic Boarder Back On

The plastic boarder should snap back on, if some snap points broke, you can always use glue.

Step 5: Insert the Photo

Make sure the photo is slightly bigger than the space where the screen was, start by carefully bending the photo so you can slide it under the boarder. After doing this, your project is complete!

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