Monkey Tails

Introduction: Monkey Tails

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Monkey tails or called dilly bars are basically a chocolate covered banana with nuts. They taste like heaven when done so try this instructable!

Step 1: Ingredients

-1/2 of a banana
-chocolate chips(any kind)
-crushed nuts

Step 2: Boil

Take a pan put water in it And boil the water

Step 3: Melt

Put a bowl with chocolate chips in it in the boiling water melt the chips.

Step 4: Dip

Put the chocolate on the 1/2 of the banana with the melted chocolate OR you can put the chocolate in a mason jar and dip the banana in there

Step 5: Nuts

While the chocolates hot put the crushed nuts on

Step 6: Freezer

Put the banana in the freezer for 1-2 hours

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    8 years ago

    Thank you! Please vote for me in the frozen treats contest and I'll like all your instructables!

    Yum, chocolate covered bananas are so delicious!! I've found it generally works better to freeze the bananas first before dipping them and then freezing them again after so they don't fall apart and contaminate your chocolate :)