Introduction: Monogram Design on Shirt Using Cricut

I will tell you 6 easy steps to create monograms using your cricut machine.

Step 1: Download Free Monogram Font

You can download free monogram fonts from I used font Monogram-kk

  • Be sure cricut design space is not open and running when downloading font or it will not be add to your font book.

Step 2: Design Your Monogram

Open cricut design space and create our monogram. Select Monogram-kk and enter each initial individually. After getting it the size you want be sure to "weld" your letters together.

  • The order for monograms are first name initial, last name initial, and middle name initial if all letters are different sizes.
  • The order is first, middle, last name initial if all initials are the same size.

Step 3: Begin Cutting

Adjust your cricut machine settings to the Iron-on. The cut only goes through the iron-on film and leaves the liner intact. Load gripmat into the machine and cut images.

  • Turn "mirror" on in design space before you begin cutting

Step 4: Weld Design

Remove negative (extra) Cricut Iron-on film, leaving only the desired cut image on the linear. Using the weeding tool found in the Cricut Tool Kit can make this process faster and easier.

  • Using the weeding tool found in the Cricut Tool Kit can make this process faster and easier.

Step 5: Apply Design to Shirt

Preheat the area of the material in which you will be applying your cut image by placing heat press on top for 10-15 seconds before adding image. Place the weeded image, liner side up, onto the preheated material. Apply medium pressure with the iron for 25-30 seconds.

  • Preheating shirt helps removes any wrinkles so image can lay flat.
  • If using an EasyPress, refer to this Cricut Heat Guide for time, temperature, and peel temperature recommendations depending on your base material and pressing surface.

Step 6: Remove Linear for Final Product

After your image has cooled down remove linear and YOU'RE DONE !