Introduction: Monogrammed Hand Made Paper Craft in a Frame

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Hello Every one,

To day i just want to share Monogramed hand drawn paper craft in a frame.

I love to make something handmade.

Handmade gifts are so exciting because they are something totally unique.

How to:

Materials :

1. 8/10 photo frame


3.cardstock paper (yellow and gray)

4. paper hole punch ( to make small paper chips)

5.pencil and black sketch pen


1. My hand drawn hippo,

2. Circles ( 1.5 inch and 2.5 inch ) for these i used household items to make these circles.see the pictures to get an idea.

3.write name letters on circles with pencil

4.stick small paper chips with glue to make name circles

5.Finally stick all on final cardstock paper and fix in a frame.

Monogrammed hand made / home made paper craft is ready.

Thanks for watching

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