Introduction: Magnetic Makeup Board

This project uses an old cookie sheet, spray paint, and vinyl to create a decorative surface for displaying cosmetics! I made this because my makeup was starting to take up valuable counter space in the bathroom, but it also adds a personalized touch to the walls.

Step 1: The Ingredients

Pictured are the used a cookie sheet I bought at the thrift store for $1, a mesh pen holder from Target, and purple spray paint. If you buy a used cookie sheet, make sure it's magnetic before you purchase it! If you buy a new cookie sheet, look for one that is stainless steel (or another magnetic substance) and not aluminum.

The cookie sheet will be used for the cosmetics and the mesh pen holder will be used to hold the brushes/mascara. Both will be mounted to the wall using sticky-tack or a similar product.

Step 2: Spray Painting

Before you spray paint your items, use sand paper to sand away the protective coatings that may be present. The rough surface also makes it easier for the paint to stick. Then, spray away (outside or in a ventilated area)!

Step 3: Watch the Paint Dry

Follow the directions on the spray paint about drying times and temperatures. My paint said it would be dry to the touch in 20 minutes. During this time, I prepped the vinyl sticker that would become my monogram. If you don't have access to a  vinyl cutter, an X-Acto knife can be used to cut a stencil out of cardstock or sturdy paper.

Step 4: Magnets (How Do They Work??)

I bought a roll of magnets and cut them to size, then stuck them to the backs of my makeup. They seemed to be pretty firmly attached in the beginning, but after a couple days some of the magnets began to peel away from the back of the makeup. If this happens, just hot glue the magnet back down.

Step 5: Add the Monogram

Once your paint has dried, add the monogram. If you used a stencil, spray paint or brush paint over it in a color of your choosing. If you used vinyl, carefully apply it to the painted surface. You only get one try!

If you get a little overexcited (like me) and touch the paint a bit early, that's alright! The fingerprints will go away when the paint is fully dried.

An optional step at this point is to seal the monogram using clear spray paint. This will protect your design from wear and tear as well as making it glossy or matte.

I chose to do a monogram, but any design would work for this project! This project would also work in the kitchen as a spice rack. What would you do with a magnetic board? I would love to see your completed projects in the comments!

Credit for this project goes to Kirstin DeRosa and Tyler Crumpton.
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