Introduction: Monopoly Wall Art

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Boredom at 3am led me to clean my closet. As I cleaned I found many of my old board games. This monopoly game that I found, was missing some deeds -

So I glued it to my wall :-)

Not only was it relaxing to make - but I think it's pretty cool :-)

Grab a Hot glue gun or crazy glue..
Pull out your game of monopoly

Then sit back with some good music playing and start Glue all your pieces to the board.
Let it dry
And then hang it on your wall.
Put on your coffee table and see how many people try to play with it..

This can be done with any game!

We should have a game board glue contest on instructables!!!

You know you want to go find a board game and do this.

Jay -
What If your very anal with your games and keep everything in rubber bands and zip lock bags and you never lost any pieces
From - OCDana

take out all your games and Invite all your friends over..
Drink lots of liquor until all passed out..
I'm sure pieces will be lost.
Go grab the glue.

Do not use glue to hang. Use screws...

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