Introduction: Monster Can Mask

I made this usable monster can mask to help people with the pandemic going around now but to still look cool and fun while wearing a mask.


Two 16 fluid ounce monster cans (any color)

Hot glue or super clue (any fast drying glue)

Duck tape (or just really strong good tape)

Box cutter (You should probably wear something to keep your fingers form getting cut)

And a doctors mask (it must be a doctors mask)

Step 1: Step 1: Divide the Cans

Cut each can into the three sections shown in the picture.

For better description right above where it says monster energy and on the edge of the can at the top above the M. And don’t try to make it perfect. It won’t work.

Disclaimer: be very careful cutting the cans they’re very sharp.

Step 2: Step 2: Cut the Tops

Take the two pieces with tabs and break off the little thing on the inside on both pieces.

After that then cut off the extra border on the top of the can.

Discard of all the parts that you took and cut off the tops.

And the tops should look like this.

Step 3: Step 3: Cut the Middle Section

Take the center pieces with the M on it. And you're going to cut them in half like the picture shows.

Now take the pieces with the Nutrition Facts on the back and cut those like the picture shows. And make sure the swoops are on opposite sides.

Discard of the smaller pieces you cut.

Step 4: Step 4: Cut the M

Take the two pieces with the M logo and take the one that you like less out of the two and cut it like so.

Keep both pieces and only use the top of the M for now.

Step 5: Step 5: Attachment

Take the big M piece and attach the top cut M to the top of the other M with duck tape like shown in the picture.

Now take the swooped side pieces and attach them to the sides like this.

Step 6: Step 6: Folding and More Attachment

Take the bottom of the cans and fold the ends in right under the monster logo.

When your done they should look like this.

Now take the tops of the cans from earlier and glue them to the bottoms of the cans like so.

Step 7: Step 7: Fitting the Mask

Go back to the pieces we taped together and make slits lining up with the bottom point and middle hump of the M logo.

Now fold the slits in on each other and put glue and tape on them to secure them nicely.

Just a thought: I folded the sharp corners to make them flat and easier to wear on your face. You could also cut the edges to how the need to fit your face.

Step 8: Step 8:Finishing Touches to Style

Take the bottom of the cans and secure them onto the mask with the glue you have like so.

Step 9: Step 9: Making the Mask Workable

Take your doctors mask and glue the top and bottom inside of the can mask.

Now carefully remove the top of the string from the mask.

Now fold the excess metal on the sides in just about half way.

Step 10: Step 10: Finishing Up

Look at the front of the mask and hide the parts of the doctors mask that you can see by glueing it to the inside of the mask.

Now flip the mask back over and tape the mask strings to the cans to the size you need.

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