Introduction: Monster Energy Can Costume

We are The GLCPS Costume Design Club, for our first project we decided to make a Monster Energy can costume.  We used only materials we already had on hand so this project  didn't cost us anything to make and it was the perfect way to give new life to 2 old bed sheets.

We are in no way affiliated with Monster Energy Drink  (We just think the can is COOL looking)

Monster Energy Drink is a registered trade mark of  Monster Beverage Company

Step 1: Gather Your Materials and Tools

You will need:

2 Twin size bed sheets
1/2 yard of Green felt or other fabric
1/2 yard heavy interfacing
Black Spray paint
Gray or silver spray paint
White, Black, Light Green, and Dark Green Acrylic paints
Silver nail art pen or paint pen (optional)
Paint brushes
Measuring tape
Sewing machine

Step 2: Measure Your Model

Measure the person the costume is for, from the base of the neck down to the middle of their thigh.
Add 2 inches to this measurement

This measurement will be used to determine the length of the body of the can.

Step 3: Make the Body of the Can

Fold one of your twin sheets in half horizontally ( we used a black leopard print sheet for this)

Measure from the fold down toward the bottom of your sheet to equal the measurement from step 2

Cut away the extra fabric from the bottom of the fabric (the end without the fold)

Keeping sheet folded, fold again vertically.

Pin vertical side together making sure to catch all 4 layers (side away from vertical fold)

  Using a 5/8" seam allowance sew the pined edge

Remove pins and turn right side out. The folded edge is now the bottom of the can.

  Machine baste around the top raw edge to keep both layers together.

You now have a tube of fabric  with a seam down the back.

Lay your tube flat on a table with the seam facing up

Measure 5 1/2"  from the top raw edge along the side of your tube make a mark

Now measure 6 1/2" from that mark down the side of the can make a mark  (see diagram)

Measure 11 1/2"  from seam to the center of first 2 marks make a mark (see diagram)

  Using the marks you just made draw an arch along side and cut out this forms the arm hole Repeat on other side

Zig zag stitch around both arm holes using a tight short zigzag setting

Step 4: Make Make the Top of the Can

Open up your tube and measure across the top to find the diameter

If you followed our instructable exactly your diameter will be 21 1/2"  Divided this measurement by 2 to get 10 1/2" 

Take your second sheet and fold it in half  horizontally, cut along fold

Take one half of this sheet and fold it horizontally and the again vertically

lay this on the table and tape a long piece of twine to the top corner where the folds meet

Measure from this corner diagonally down 10 1/2" make a mark

Take pencil and place it on this mark holding it straight up and down

Wrap the loose end of the twine around the pencil to make a compass

Keeping the twine tight draw an arch, cut along the arch when you open it up you will have a perfect circle

Repeat theses steps on the other half of the sheet

You now have 2 circles stack them one on top of the other and pin the edges to keep them from shifting

Draw a shield shape in the very center of your circle (like a sideways D)

Take the circle to your sewing machine and stitch right on top of the shape you just drew

carefully cut out the center of this shape close to your stitch marks. This is now your head hole

Zig zag stitch  the edges of your head hole.

Step 5: Assemble the Can

Turn the body of the can inside out with right sides together pin the body to the circle top (don't forget the part of the can with the seam is the back and the flat part of the head hole should face the back)

  stitch along the edge using a 1/4" seam allowance

turn the can right side out

top stitch the can top  1/4" from the seam

You now have your can 

Step 6: Pop Tab

Take your interfacing (should be the iron on type) Place it shiny side down on the table

Draw a pop tab shape on the interfacing (see fig 1) make sure the top edge has a flat side that is the same length as the flat edge of your head hole

Iron the interfacing to the green felt Cut out along all your drawing lines

Place the cut out tab down on the rest of the green felt interfacing side down pin in place

Take this to your sewing machine and stitch around each edge using a 1/4" seam allowance

Trim close to your stitching

Zig zag stitch all edges using a tight short zig zag setting

Stitch the flat edge of the pop tab to the flat edge of the head hole

Now Comes the fun part!!!!!

Step 7: The Fun Part, Painting the Can

The tricky part about painting the can is keeping its shape during the process. If you have a small round outside trash can the costume may fit Nicely on that while you paint
If not you can use poster board inside and stuff it with pillows it needs to stay round during the spray painting an while it dries

Bring your can outside and spray paint the body black If you use enough paint and let it dry completely the can will hold it shape on its own while it is being worn.

While you are outside Spray paint the top of the can silver or gray, again make sure to use lots of paint and let it dry very well.

For the details of the can you can keep it stuffed while you work or you can ask your model to wear it while you paint (that's what we did) (please do not use any spray paint while your model is wearing the costume)

Use acrylic paints for the details

We used a silver nail art pen to write all the supplement facts on the back of the can

There you have it our monster can costume!!!!
We had a blast making this thanks for looking at our instructable
Please remember this is not only our first instructable but also our first project so please be kind with your comments
Happy Halloween!!!!!!

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