Introduction: Monty Needs Help!

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Monty, the Bernese mountain dog, is very small and the steps to the back door of our home are very steep, there was no way that he was going to walk down them.

What was needed was a ramp!

Step 1: Measure It Up

First I needed to work out how long to make a ramp that would not be too steep but also not too long. 1.5m seemed about right... especially when I had an old floor board that was 1.5 meters long and 300mm wide.

Step 2: Design and Build

I realised that 300mm wide was a bit narrow for Monty and he would be in danger of falling off so the ramp needed to have sides but as it was under a door that opens outward, the shape of the sides needed to allow the door to open over the ramp.

As it would be outside and may get wet some slats across would be a good idea.

So the parts list:

1off 1.5m X 300mm floor board

9off 30mm x 6mm x 300mm strips of plywood for not slip slats

2off Twinwall plastic sides 1.5m x 400mm angle cut at one end.

2 off 25mm square x 350mm long wooden bridge pieces

1off 25mm square x 350 long wooden foot

Panel pins to hold slats in place

4mm x 35mm woodscrews to assemble the rest of the parts.

Gaffer tape to make the cut edges of the twinwall "puppy safe".

Step 3: Once Built: Test!

I somehow lost all the pictures of construction but the following video shows it quite well.

Monty being coaxed down and up for the first time with bits of chicken, followed by him being brave and doing it on his own.

Followed by him using the steps for the first time.

Door closing over the ramp, job done!

This ramp was ok for the first 3 weeks of Monty's life with his new family, he has since outgrown it and steps are no issue. it will not be long until he is as big as Maisie.

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