Introduction: Moonbunny As Nightlight

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My son (almost 3) wanted a nightlight at his bed. And as I have a 3d printer and I found that cool hollow moon, I printed one for him.

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Step 1: Parts to Print

Find my parts on Thingiverse

I created the base plate and the lid so that the battery pack of the led-string fits perfectly in it

1x base plate
1x lid

The moon and the bunny can be found here. You have to scale both to 125%, so that the base plate fits perfectly. I scaled both up do have a bigger lamp.



I recommend using transparent filament (PLA).

Step 2: Parts You Need (BOM)

Beside the printed parts, there is only one thing you need: The LED-String (and of course 3 AA batteries)

1x LED-String (I recommend yellow)

Step 3: Assemble

  • Glue the moon to the base_plate using CA glue.
  • Add the LED-String into the moon.
  • Add batteries
  • clip on the lid
  • put the bunny on his place (I did not glue the bunny, so that I can replace it with different colors)