Introduction: Mortal Instruments: How to Make a Stele Pen

Secretly (or not so secretly) wishing you could be a Shawdowhunter? Well get one step closer by making your own stele.

Step 1: Supplies

To make a stele pen you will need:

- a pen (or marker, paintbrush or any other writing instrument)
- packing tape
- duct tape (optional)
- scissors
- paint (silver, grey, back, white or any colours you want to use to decorate your stele)
- wooden dowel  

Step 2: Create Stele Structure

Break dowel into three pieces as shown. Your stele should be wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. Lay pieces out to prepare for taping.

Step 3: Tape

Using packing tape, tape together dowel and pen.

Step 4: Create Raised Runes (optional)

If you would like to give texture to your stele, use duct tape to create raised runes. Roll duct tape and shape into runes on the stele. I used the Angelic power rune! Cover with piece of packing tape and press firm. Runes do not have to be perfectly shaped. You will highlight runes later with paint.

Alternatively, you can leave a smooth finish and paint runes on surface of stele.

Step 5: Paint

Paint your stele in a silver, grey or white. After the stele has dried, use black or a dark grey to paint runes onto your stele.

That's it - Enjoy!