Introduction: Mosaic Planter

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„mosaic“ Planter pot for flowers or
other stuff

Are you a crazy Horder that can´t throw any wast pieces of wood away, like me ? This i the tutorial for you! I had very smal pieces of very beautiful wood like lilac and boxwood, so I startet making Rings. But what to do with the pieces that are slightly to smal for rings? Or even the ones you cut of the pieces of the pieces you make rings out of...

Step 1: Become a Horder If You Are Not Already

collect all the good wood pieces in all

Step 2: Glue Two Pieces Together

Maybe take all your clamps and put two flats on two sides and then but some glue on the flats and then clamp them. Try diffrent angles and so on even if it makes it harder to clamp

Step 3: Glue the Pieces You Glued Together

glue some new waste pieces on or the already glued pieces to each other.

Step 4: Now You Have a Big Piece

make several of those and glue them to either a waste piece that won't be seen anymore or a basepiece that will be a big part of your bowl.

above you see bothe possibilities. For the pot with the plant I used a Base piece that wasnt quite big enougth by itselfe. I filled up the places where it was lacking volume

In order to glue stuff like that you need flat surfaces I use primarily the rasp for that If you have a Disksander and you hate that isnt used often enougth so its to sharp … use that.... also its sometimes hard to clamp, I don't know what to say about that, just be creative.

Step 5: Turning

weeeell just be cautious, please! I try not to trust the glue too much. For the plant thing I used a metal thing so the wood doesn´t come in contact with water ….

oh also I finished it with sandpaper obviously and lindseed oil... but I guess you can do whatever, If you don't constantly pour water all over.

Step 6: The End

If someone accually does that or is inspierd by that, let me know I reallly want to see If you use Instagramm tag me @astjaeger otherwise send me a message here or a commet, whatever... Email me if you want send me nudes also and tell me about my nigarian unkle that died...

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