Introduction: Mosin Nagant - M1891/1930, Knex

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This is the Mosin Nagant, a russian rifle used mainly during WW1 and WW2.

The Model 1891/1930 Rifle.


Model: Mosin Nagant

Mechanism: FPM

Range: 30-50 feet depending on elastic bands

Magazine: White Connector non removable


Amazing looks


Could be too small for some people

If you like it. Please build it, P.S. this is really not meant for wars - its meant for going in your display case, should you have enough pieces. And i think its good at that.

P.P.S it does look a LOT better in real life.

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Step 1: Piece List Courtesy of MotaBoi

Green - 115
White - 106
Blue – 42
Yellow - 2
Red – 8
Grey - 6
Tan - 3
Blue Clip – 10
Y - 27
Grey One-way - 27
Grey Two-way - 2
Hinge – 2
Orange - 40
Red – 13
Green – 8
Yellow - 60
Blue - 25
White - 18
Blue Spacers – 3
Silver Spacers - 6


Some Tape.

2 #64 rubberbands

more than14 #18 Smaller rubberbands

Step 2: Stock and Handle

I'll start off with the Stock them work towards the handle.

Follow the Image notes for help. Otherwise just make it.

Step 3: Handle Connection and Trigger

Follow the Pics, turn on somre good music.

Step 4: 'Metal' Mech and the Mag

This is the metal bit on the real gun, its the main barrel and the mech on mine.

Start makin.

Step 5: Adding the Mech to the Handle


just do it.

Step 6: Body and a Scope


do it again.

Step 7: The Barrel 1



Step 8: The Barrel 2

you'r gonna make this like you made the last one - only with different sizes.


Step 9: Rubber Bands + Finishing Off

ah, finally.

Step 10: How to Fire to Get the Most Range.

Load White rods.

make sure the mag works well bullets lined, bullets high, bullets good.

pull back the pin, so that it loads a bullet. push the bullet forward slightly - so that its forward, but not so much that the next bullet makes it jam.

Pull it back totally.

aim, pull the trigger, if you can.


: )

im done now, lets see happy comments.

Step 11: Update: Simple Addon - Fake Bolt Action Bar.

sorry, theres only one pic here, but it's simple enough

blue rod, red connector on one end, two small gears on the other, like that.

also replace a white with a yellow.

Step 12: Suggestions

I just ordered all these pieces (3000) off of ebay, so i want suggestions/orders here.