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Introduction: Mother's Day Card

Scenario: Mother's Day is in a few days. You have tried unsuccessfully to find a Mother's Day card that doesn't suck. However, this proves to be extremely elusive. You give up and your mom is mad and says that you're so unthoughtful and Mother's Day is ruined.

The Pitch: Guys, tired of spending hours dreading and looking for a decent Mother's Day card? Tired of reading awful and gaudy cards with messages that start with, "For you Mother..."? Tired of spending $5 for something that you know will end up in a drawer or possibly the trash because your mom knows it means nothing and also is quite ugly? Yuck. Blah. #!@$%#@. Me too. In fact, I hate it. So for the past few years I've been making my own to unanimous applause.

Solution: Spend your hard earned money (and time) on making a card that will be remembered and cherished. Stop giving Hallmark your money. Instead go to your local craft store (or online) and spend about $20 that will make memorable, thoughtful, and not-sucky cards for the next decade.

Step 1: Supplies

If you plan ahead, you can find all this stuff on sale at Hobby Lobby and Michaels. I just reloaded on supplies while they were all 50% off.

Blank notecards (I got mine in a 50-pack with envelopes from Hobby Lobby for $6.99)

Rubber stamps (These last forever if you clean them and can be used over and over. Get a nice variety if you plan to make cards for the next several years.)

Ink pads (Or a color wheel like pictured above.)

Just remember that these cards you make WILL be saved so you can't do exactly the same card each year. Plan ahead!!!

Step 2: Stamp!

I found a nice "Happy Mother's Day" one and a set with some hearts for my card's front. Don't be scared to try several designs and colors out.

Apply the ink to the stamp and practice on a scrap piece before doing the cards. Allow to dry before touching.

I make the same card for each recipient to cut down on confusion.

Step 3: Inside Message: Haiku!!!

I write a quick haiku to fill the inside. Haikus are a form of Japanese poetry. English haikus are very easy to write. The first line is 5 syllables, the second line is 7 syllables, and the third line is 5 syllables.

Here are some examples of ones that I've written and used for Mother's Day:

Forever grateful
Love and appreciation
Thanks for everything

Kind, thoughtful, caring
Not enough words to thank you
Loving everyday

Feel free to use them yourselves or just make up a new one. Have fun with it! Believe me, moms eat this up.

It is very important to handwrite your message, no matter how poor your penmanship (cough, cough). This brings a sense of personalization, even if you write like a serial killer.

Step 4: Sign, Seal, Deliver!

Last, add a nice greeting such as, "Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!" Or, "Happy Mother's Day Grandma!!!"

This year I sent out 7 cards to all the moms in my life. I hope his helps you in your Mother's Day endeavors.

Feel free to use this approach to any card making event. One of the most memorable cards I ever received was from an uncle for high school graduation. It was a blank piece of paper that read, "Congratulations! I assumed you'd rather have this for a card and $100, than a store bought card and $96.39." He was absolutely right.

Happy Mother's Day and Roll Tide.

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    4 years ago

    "...even if you write like a serial killer." Epic Win for best line in an 'ible I've ever seen! This just made my day. XD (btw My handwriting is atrocious)


    6 years ago

    mothers day is celebrate in the month of march as mothering day in America while the world is celebrating mothers day in may


    7 years ago

    Heeeyy i write haiku poetry too!here's one i came up with just now:
    like white ice cream but flavourless
    raining down
    making the weather colder than ever
    i learned that in school though its not a proper one


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Simple and thoughtful. This is the best kind of gift!