Introduction: Mothers Day Flowers!!!!!

About: Hi my name is angel!!!!!I love to do crafts, and I love teaching everyone how to make them, hope you like each and every one!!! ❤️- Angel

Hi everyone!!!!! This is my first instruct able!!! I'm very exsided to present this cool fun craft, to share with your mom, dad, ect.

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need

1. Hot glue gun
2. Scissors
3. Colored paper ( card stock paper works best!)
4. Buttons, beads, etc.......
5. And imagination ;)

Step 2: Step 2.

Now you have all your supplies you need to hook up your hot glue gun.

Step 3: Step 3.

Cut small strips of colored card stock paper, with your scissors. Does not matter what size. ;)

Step 4: Step 4.

Now when you glue gun is ready to go, start curling your paper strips (like I'm doing in the picture.)

Step 5: Step 5.

And glue the swirls on and be creative with your flowers shape!!!!;)

Step 6: Step 6.

Write a message and add beads or buttons, too add detail. : D

Step 7: You Done!!!!

Ok now you have a lovely hand made gift or card to give to someone special!!!!!! Hope you enjoyed these step by step instructions on how to my paper flowers!!!!!
Good Luck!!!!!
<3- angel