Introduction: Mother’s Day “You Are My Rock” Craft

A cute craft to make with your child for mother’s day


1 x wooden board 6” x 8”
4 x flat stones, 2 big and 2 small
1 x stick about 5” long and 1/4” diameter
1 x tube of single use Super Glue
2 x pieces of twine approx 8” long each
1 x fine tip marker

Step 1: Find Rocks and a Stick

Find 4 rocks to make a mom and daughter figure as pictured.
Skipping rocks are the best as you will need one side to be quite flat to have a good gluing surface.
Make sure they’re not to big and heavy.
Also find a stick that’s about 5” long to make the swing.

Step 2: Make the Swing

Tie the twine to the ends of your stick, making a swing.
Don’t worry about trimming the twine, that’s best done at the end. To be safe make it longer than the board.
Lay out all your materials on the board and make sure there’s a good 3” of space below the swing for a hand written note.

Step 3: Glue

The single use super glue is small but if used correctly it should be enough.
Super glue takes a little bit of time to set and cure on stone. Don’t be dismayed when they don’t adhere right away.
With you item placement figured out pick up one stone at a time and dab superglue onto the board. Make some globs where you feel the stone will best contact the board.
Do this for all the stones.

Step 4: Swing

Next add a dab of superglue to the twine knots of the swing. These will most likely be what is in contact with the board not the actual stick. See pic
Add a dab of Super Glue to the top of the board where the twine ends. You will need to hold the twine tight against the board for a minute.

Step 5: Final Touches

If you have any glue left you can add a few dabs to the twine knot on the stick to make sure it doesn’t loosen, and to the bottom of the rocks.
Remember it will take a bit of time for the glue under to rocks to dry.
When I made mine I almost gave up thinking the glue isn’t going to work. But left it for an hour and came back to find everything completely dry and glued down.

Step 6: Add a Message

Once everything is dried and secured you can trim off the extra twine and add a message to your board.

A fine tip permanent sharpie would work best but almost any marker will do.

Here are a few saying which would work:
“Mom you are my rock”
“Mommy you rock”
“Mom in these crazy times you are my rock”

Don’t forget to sign the back with
“Happy Mother’s Day 2020”
“Made with love by...”