Introduction: Motorcycle Box

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Been riding bikes for a long time and always been using racks and bungee straps when i have things to carry

seen plenty of top boxes and back boxes but they are alwasy very large and ugly

so thought id make my own

Step 1: Givi Rack

This is the givi mono rack from my bike

i never had the box to start with so building straight onto it

Step 2: Bosch Drill Box

got this drill box from my work as they were throwing it away

and that gave me the idea for the back box

its hard plastic and quite large it used to have 2 drills in it

and ive taken all the packing from the inside

Step 3: Bolts

to fix everyhing together

I used some m10 bolts

thick square washers

round thin washers

wing nuts

Step 4: Measureing Up

making sure both the box and the rack would be ok to fit together

the box overhangs it by quite a lot but thats ok with me

working out where there plactic box needs to be cut

Step 5: Cutting

after marking the bottom of the box where the clips are on the Givi rack

using a dremel with a cutting disc to cut along the marks to make holes in the right places

so that the box sits flat with the base of the rack

had to file the edges down to make sure the it was good

made a few mistakes with where the box lined up, so ended up with holes a little larger than originally planned

Step 6: Plate for Under the Givi Rack

using some scrap aliminum and some paper as a template

cut and filed down to shape

this plate fits inside the gaps in the Givi rack so thats bolts can fix the box in place

Step 7: Fitting Bolts

measuring out the center and an equil distance between where each bolt is going to fit in place

using a drill, make holes big enough to git m10 bolts through

Step 8: Holes in the Box

lining up the box and he plate thats been made for the rack

mark and drill out the same spaced holes on the box and maked sure

that they are big enough for the bolts

had to do a bot of extra fileing at this point to get everything lined up

Step 9: Supporting Plate

found another bit of scrap ali

and thought it best to add some extra support to the inside

so again marked the bolt holes and drilled through

got extra washers and wing nuts to fix everything in place

Step 10: Covering the Holes

as youve seen from the previous steps

I made a mess of cutting the right sized hole for the slots at the edge of the box

so i made some covers out of an old pair of working gloves

cut out a stencil of the rough shape I need and added a little more at the edge

then hot glued them in place after sanding the area to make sure they glue had a good contact surface

Step 11: Finished

once the box and the rack were bolted together just to make sure it was fitting

I had to take it apart to reattach the Givi rack to the bike

then bolt the box ontop

then thats it finished and inplace

its quite sturdy and stayed inplace, theres a little flex around the corners, but it should be ok

will do an update if it falls off and I loose all my things to tell you dont build it like I did

thanks for reading