Introduction: Eye of Agamotto

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Making the amulet that holds the time stone from Dr Strange.
Made of wood with a boot lace strap

Any wooden board
Boot lace or dark string
Green tint plastic
LED bike light

Drill with large diameter bit
Hot glue gun
Craft knife

Step 1: Cutting and Shaping

Using reference images from searches and sites, copy the rough shape into the wood and cut to approx size with a saw.

Step 2: Sanding and Shaping

Hand sanding or using a belt or disc Sander if available being the wood down to the desired shape with rounded edges
Wear protective equipment when working with particularly dusty boards like MDF.

Step 3: Cutting

A pillar drill is best to have for this part but holding in a vice would be ok too.
If you have access to a large diameter bit then it will be easy to drill out the large size hole.
Other wise having a pilot hole and then drilling around the outline with lots of holes and then cutting out with a small saw.

Once the shape has been drilled through a thin plate from the wooden board can be fixed to the back with Epoxy

Step 4: Painting

The wood is very dusty so it's important to clean it with a brush and cloth before using a primer

The primer also shows up any imperfections and symmetry so it maybe necessary to sand some areas again.

Once the shape is as desired and a good layer of primer has dried, the main colour can be added on a few coats.
More sanding may be needed again as metallic gold colour don't sit flat on rough parts of the shape.

The best paint coat is applied when the parts are suspended and can be accessed from all sides.

A final layer of Matt clear coat to take the bright shine off and seal the paint in.

Step 5: Front Cage

The front cage post that covers the green plastic is just lots of layers of paper that are glued together to make it the right thickness.

The pattern is taken from reference images and drawn on so it can be cut through with a craft knife.
This could be done in wood and a drill but easier to do with paper and knife.

It's sprayed the same gold colour and stuck in place with either hot glue or Epoxy.

Once this in place the bike light parts can no longer be accessed so must make sure they are working properly before fixing in place.

Step 6: Strap

The strap is a boot lace cut down to a shorter length.
A dark coloured string can be used as the images online vary to sure what it's like.

Two holes are measured and drilled into the top and the lace is fixed with Epoxy into place

Step 7: Finishing

Extra details from screen shots and images can be simply drawn on with marker.
Depth and other detail can be added with files or other pens as required.