Introduction: Mountain Waterfall Scenery- TinkerCad

For this project, I decided to use TinkerCad and make a mountain scenery with rivers and trees, this took me quite some time to make, but it should be fairly simple, the design is also inspired from an image of an actual mountain scenery which I found on the internet, I used most of the shape provided by TinkerCad In the 3d design Section to construct this scenery.



An electronic device, the TinkerCad Website or App

Link to TinkerCad:

Step 1: Step1: Construction of the Mountains

For the mountains, I added a few triangles and reshaped them on how I would like them to look, you can design your mountains to look any way you like but remember to leave a small gap between the two mountains, this area will be for the river, once I completed my triangle construction, I added a white triangle overlapping the tip of the taller mountains, as I wanted the mountains to have snow on the tip of them, I then adjusted the colours of the mountains to make it look more realistic to how a real mountain may look like, once all was done I proceeded to make the river.

Colours used for mountains:

Hex #: 757272

Hex #: 9c9184

Hex #: a7adb1

Colours of the snow:

Hex #: ffffff

Step 2: Step2: Construction of the River and Waterfall

For the river, I used many circles and reshape them based on the size, I also added two green reshaped circle at the sides of the river coming down from the mountains, to make it look like a sort of land area on the mountain, that area also had some trees which I will show you how to make on the next step.

For the waterfall, I basically used the same blue circles and made a wall out of it, when I was done, I added a bunch of white circles around the area where the water should be hitting the ground to imitate mists.

Colour of the land:

Hex #: 65a368

Colour of the river and mist

River colours:

Hex #: 2b758f

Hex #: 009fd7

Mists colours:

Hex #: ffffff

Step 3: Step3: Grass and Surrounding Trees

For the surrounding grass, I used the half-Sphere to make the ground look rounded, with this I added more grass and shaped it to how I would want the river to be flowing at when I was satisfied to how my ground looked, I added a yellowish circle along the sides of where I would want the river to be.

For the trees that I added on the mountain and on the ground, I simply took a cylinder and straightened it out till it looked thin enough to be a tree bark, before I began adding small spheres along to bark to look like trees, once this was completed I added the colour and began copy, pasting and rotating each tree to fit into the areas.

Colours of the ground and sand:

- Grass:

Hex #: 2c5e24

Hex #: 254f1e

- Sand:

Hex #: b5b58d

Colour of the trees:

- Leaves:

Hex #: 7a8a46

- Tree bark:

Hex #: 997351

Step 4: Step4: Construction of River

For the river, using the same technique I used to make the waterfall I added a bunch of blue spheres and filled up the area for my river, and once you have completed this step, your mountain scenery is done! Thank You!

Colours of the river:

Hex #: 2b758f

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