Introduction: Mouse Trap Car

In this instructable you will learn how to make a mouse trap car. There are many ways you could build a mousetrap car in this instructable i'll show you how I made mine. This will be fun and a chance to see your engineering skills. I hope you will be very fun building the mouse trap car. And have a fun time building this.

Step 1: Materials

First, you will need cardboard for the main body, one skewer and three dowels, some tape, hot glue, and four cds for the wheels. And most important a mouse trap.

Step 2: Base

Cut a rectangle out of the cardboard.

Step 3: Wheels

Cut out four squares from the cardboard and get the skewer and cds. Make a hole in the squares, Put one skewer through the square and attach it one the cd. Glue it with hot glue. Before doing the next one put a straw over the skewer and repeat for the second wheel. After glue the straw with the wheels to the base of the car.

Step 4: Doewls/ Mouse Trap

Glue two dowels to the bottom of the base remove all the hooks and clamps on the mouse trap. Glue the mouse trap to the top of the car and put and add a skewer to the mouse trap using zip ties.

Step 5: Front Wheels

Repeat with the second pair of wheels, but these cut the straw into two. Then glue were the straws are at to the end of the dowel. Add a skewer in the middle of the skewer, attach a string and put it on the skewer. And wrap it around and let it go.

Step 6: Fun

Be creative and add anything to your car but nothing heavy because it won’t go far. There are many ways you could build a mouse trap car but this is one way. The main goal to accomplish for your car is to go thirty five feet. You should build a mouse trap car it will be fun. I had a lot of fun building this and i hope you didI had a lot of fun building this.