Introduction: Mouse Trap With Color

Are you bored of just a plan old out of style car. Then I have no clue what you want because this is a mousetrap car. If you want to learn how to make it keep reading. If not GET OFF go find something else to waste your time on. Now keep read to see how to make it, it took me two weeks to finish this because i was goofing off. It will probably take 2 or 3.

Step 1: Materials

One straw, three sticks, string any length, cardboard any size, four or three zip ties, four cds that you don't need or just old, and one mousetrap

Step 2: the Base

Just grab cardboard the size you want it does not matter what size. Also some duck tape to make it colorful. Put the duck tape on the cardboard. In whatever pattern you want I choose lines. At one of the ends cut a peace out. Ether in a triangle or rectangle.

Step 3: Wheels

Grab a cd and a small piece of cardboard as a square. Put some hot glue on three corners. Put the cardboard on the cd to where the hole of the cd is covered. Then when done put any duck tape on top of the cardboard. Poke a hole to where the hole is in the middle of the hole in the cd. Do this process three more times or to all the cds you have to put on the car.

Step 4: the Mousetrap

You will want to take apart the arm of the mousetrap. Also the copper thing that is on it not the thing that snaps just what is on the picture. With the copper arm you will need but the other thing you don't. You can just toss it if you want. With the copper arm bent a small piece into a hook or a paperclip just in cause if you lose the arm.

Step 5: Bottom of the Base

The straw that you have cut it in half. One of the halves cut in the middle of the straw. The other one just leave it alone. Grab one of the sticks with the two cds. With one cd make a hole in the middle of the cardboard. With the stick put it though the hole. With a little piece out put hot glue around the piece for it to stay in place. Once it is dry put the two of the small pieces of the straw on the stick. This will help the car to move. Then attach the other cd. Do this process again. Now with the sticks glue them to the cardboard. The two straw one glue where the little cut is at and the other one in the back.

Step 6: The Mousetrap Again

As the pictures show with a random stick and lift up the snapper that is what I call it don't judge. then with the zip ties leave some room for the stick then close tight. Cut down the rest of the zip tie leave a little piece out. At the top of the stick tie a knot with the string. Cover the piece with tape or glue. Cut some the string then make a hoop.

Step 7: The End

Glue the hook in the middle of the stick in the front. Then attach the mousetrap any where on the car. Then your car in done