Introduction: Mousetrap Car

This mousetrap car, is a creative way to a different type of arts and craft.

Step 1: Items

1. Hot glue 2. Tape 3. 4 CD’s 4. Wooden Dowels 5. Straws

Step 2: Base

Cut 3 dowels in half, and attach them with hot glue into a shape like a triangle.

Step 3: Wheels

Attach the front dowel with a straw and hot glue it on to ur base and add wheels from the dowel.

Step 4: Dowel to a Mousetrap

Next, you add your mousetrap on to your base, you add two parts of a dowel for your mousetrap to sit on (Hot glue your mousetrap on your mousetrap base) and attach a dowel on the metal part of the mousetrap.

Step 5: Axle and Mousetrap

Hot glue one side of the string to your skewer and then, tie the other side in a hole and put it on to the axle and wind the front to wheel forward.