Introduction: Mousetrap Car

I am going to give instructions on how to make your own mousetrap car. A mousetrap car is a car powered by a mousetrap. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Materials

2 pieces of cardboard ( 4” x 10”)
4 DVD’s
2 skewers
2 straws
1, ¼ inch dowel, 10“ long
Paper clip
Hot glue

Step 2: Car Body

Take two pieces of cardboard (about 4” x 10”) and cut a rectangular notch (about 1” x 2”) in the center of both cardboards. Be sure that both notches overlap. Then place the two piceces of cardboards on top of each other and tape them together. Make sure the notches line up.

Step 3: Attaching the Straw

Cut three sections of a straw to fit on the car body like in the picture. Glue or tape them onto the car body. This will be the bottom of the car. Be sure the straws are parallel to each other.

Step 4: The Mousetrap

Take a mousetrap and remove the pieces that make up the release trigger (bait holder and wire bail, see picture). Use two or three zip ties to secure the dowel to the snap arm and reinforce with tape or hot glue. Glue the mousetrap in place towards the front on the topside of the car with hot glue. Be sure the dowel is pointing forward away from the notch in the cardboard and that the dowel also lines up with the center of the notch when it is pulled back. See picture at the top of the Instructable for placement. Attach a piece of string to the end of the dowel with a zip tie. Tie a small loop on the end. The loop should just reach the hook on the rear axle.

Step 5: Preparing the Wheels

Place a squar piece of duct tape on top of the DVD’s. On the other side of the DVD’s, place a square piece of cardboard. Cut a tiny square in the middle of the cardboard. Do this to all four wheels.

Step 6: Adding the Axles and Wheels

Place the skewers inside the straws. Glue the skewers inside the piece of cardboard you cut out. Do this to all four wheels.

Step 7: Attaching the Paper Clip to the Rear Axle

Cut a piece out of a paper clip and glue it onto the rear end. Make sure it can spin without hitting the cardboard.

Step 8: You’re Done!

You should now have a car that looks something like the picture. Attach the string to the hook and wind it backwards. Put the car on the ground and let it go and it should start rolling away from you.