Introduction: Mousetrap Car

I built this mousetrap car because I thought it would be an exciting project. I also built it because I can Design it my own way. I thought this project would be exciting because I can get engaged in how I can engineer things and make an object move by a mousetrap and I thought that was very exciting. I wanted to design it my own way because I wanted my artistic personality to be used. Here are the instructions on how to build a mousetrap car like mine.

You need:
4 cds
1 mousetrap
1 piece of cardboard
1 roll of duct tape
A glue gun
3 skewers
3 dowels
1 straw
5 small zip ties

Step 1:

You have to cut 4 little tiny pieces of cardboard off and tape it too each cd. then make a tiny hole and stick the stick into the hole (do this for two cds).

Now do the same for the other cd but attach it to the stick that is attached to the other cd.

Step 2:

Then you get another stick make sure it’s shorter than the length of the stick that is attached to the two cds. If not shorter cut the stick.

Now cut out two small cardboard pieces from the cardboard and glue them in between the two sticks. Then glue two sticks on each side to the cardboard. Also get a scrap piece of metal from the mousetrap that attaches the stick to the bottom and glue that piece on the back of the bottom stick.

Step 3:

Use the bottom two sticks you glued on the cardboard and the big piece of cardboard ( to make the body of the car.) glue the sticks to the bottom of cardboard.

glue the straw on the back of the cardboard make sure the straw is not wider than the cardboard. If so then cut the straw to the length you need it at.

Step 4:

Insert a skewer through the straw then repeat the first step

Step 5:

Use your mousetrap and get a dowel and cut a tiny part off of it and attach the stick to the side of the square part on the mousetrap with zip ties ( use 5 zip ties) if zip ties are too long then cut them.

attach string using tape it to the top of the dowel.

Step 6: Conclusion

After hard work, when you finish this project, you feel the satisfaction of knowing that you/or your child, you will be able to share this with other people, knowing how to build a mousetrap car. (That actually moves!). I Guarantee you that if you build this car you will have lots of fun building and playing with it.