Introduction: Mousetrap Car

Mousetrap Car let me give you some reasons why you might want to make a mousetrap car

1. One reason is its fun to make it

2. And its fun craft it inclueds art and decorating

3. its sort of easy to make if you try

Step 1: Mousetrap Car

1. Mouse trap 1
2. 4 CD’s
3. 8 Wooden sticks
4.17 by 18 square cardboard
5. Hook
6.Construction paper
7. Tape
9. 2 Straws
10.Hot glue

Step 2: Decorating the Wheels

Cut a round circle the same size as the CD and hot glue it to the wheel

Step 3: Making the Hole for the Wheel

First get the CD and poke a hole in the middle and check with the stick to see if it fits

Step 4: Making More

Do the same thing from step 2 and do it four times

Step 5: Taking the Hook of the Mousetrap

On the mousetrap you’ll notice that there is a hook on the mousetrap grab it and take it off

Step 6: Making the Wheels

First get the stick poke it through the wheel and hot glue it

Step 7: Double It

Make to sets of wheels

Step 8: Making It Spin

Cut a straw in half and keep cutting it in half until the last two pieces is what your going to use

Step 9: Making the Body

Hot glue the mousetrap to the middle centur once that’s done hot glue the wheel to the body

Step 10: Extending It

Hot glue both sticks on both sides

Step 11: Making the Winder

Get a stick and cut it in half and then Hot glue the stick to the side of the mousetrap

Step 12: Holding It Up

Cut two squares and hot glue it to the other sticks

Step 13: The Hook

Get the hook from your mousetrap and hot glue it on the bottom stick

Step 14: Conclusion

Once you do step 12 it should be finished