Introduction: Mousetrap Car

Making a mousetrap car can be fun. It was very easy to make. I chose a very simple design. It is suitable for all ages. If you are 10 years old or younger I recommend having an adult to help you.

Step 1: Tools

1. Hot glue gun

2. scissors

3. Duct tape

4. dowel


Step 2: Materials

1.4 CD's

2.5 pieces of printer paper

Step 3:

Get five pieces of printer paper and roll them up. Secure them with three pieces of duct tape.

Step 4:

Cut one of the paper tubes in half. Then take two tubes that are not cut in half a put a small amount of hot glue at one end of both of them. Attach them to the side (closer to the ends) of one of the paper tubes that is cut in half. Now get the other half of the tube that is cut in half and glue the same way the other half is glued to the two full tubes.

Step 5:

Get a regular piece of printer paper and cut two strips that are about one inch wide. Then cut both of those strips in half. Fold all of the pieces into squares that are about 1 inch by 1 inch. Then add some hot glue onto those squares so they will not unfold. Put some glue on the edge of a square and glue it on top of the hole on one of the CD's. Do the same thing with the rest of the squares and CD's. Using the pliers cut two dowels so they are little bit longer than half. Put a some glue at the end of a dowel and glue it on the center of the white square thats on the CD. Do the same with the other dowel and CD.

Step 6:

Grab one of the wheels that has a dowel that will be the axel and stick it through one of the small tubes. then put a bit of glue at the end if the dowel and attach the other CD.

Step 7:

Get one of the tubes and cut it in half. Then cut that half in half and glue them onto the side of the small tube that does not have a wheel in it.

Step 8:

Put the other wheel with the axel through those two tubes that have a space between them. Add some glue to the end of the dowel and attach the other CD.

Step 9:

Cut another one of the paper tubes in half. Then keep cutting both of those half's until they fit in the middle of the mousetrap car. When they are cut down to the right size add some hot glue to each end on both of them and glue them in the middle of the car.

Step 10:

Get some pliers and take out the little hook that is used to hold the mousetrap.

Step 11:

Add some hot glue on to the metal bar and put another dowel on on top of the glue it to the mousetrap. Make sure to not add too much glue or else the bar will stick to the wooden part of the mousetrap.

Step 12:

Glue the mousetrap onto the two tubes that are in the middle of the car.

Step 13:

Add a small amount of glue on to the other end of the dowel that is not glued to the metal bar and glue the sting on to there. After the glue drys wrap some tape around it so the sting does not detach from the dowel.

Step 14:

Cut of part of the tube that is above the exposed dowel. Get some hot glue and glue a little hook onto the exposed dowel.

Step 15:

Flip over the mousetrap car and add two popsicle sticks under the paper tube frames to make sure the tubes will not bend. Then your done.