Introduction: Mousetrap Car

1) 4 CD'S

1) Big piece of cardboard

1) Mousetrap (remove the hold-down bar and the catch.

2) Skewers

3) Zip-ties

1) Small piece of cardboard

2) Dowels

Step 1: Making the Wheels

When you make the wheels for the mousetrap car you could cut a square piece of cardboard and hot glue it to the back of one of the CD's. Drill a hole where the hole is in the CD is and hot glue one of the pieces of straw and one of the skewers into the cardboard and the CD. The same thing with the other CD.

Step 2: Attaching the Handling

When you're making the handles for the Axel, you need to make 2 squared pieces of cardboard and hot glue one piece to each side of the wheels.

Step 3: Adding the Body

The next thing you could do is hot glue 2 dowels to the cardboard piece you made in Step 2.

Step 4: Making the Axel

When making the axel for the car you can hot glue the dowels to the piece of cardboard you attached with hot glue in Step 3 so that you can have the support for the engine.

Step 5: Making the Engine

When making the engine for the car you have to use the big cardboard piece. Hot glue the mousetrap to the center of the cardboard piece. Attach a skewer with 2 zip-ties and have it stay in place as well as you can.

Step 6: Making the Power Arm

When you are making the power arm, you need to attach a medium piece of string and secure it with some duct tape on the edge of the dowel.

Step 7: The End

When you finish your mousetrap car it should have your string almost reach the other side of the Axel. When you wind it you wrap a little bit over the axel and spin the wheels so that you can wrap it up as much as possible. When you let it go, you can have the mousetrap car unwind as it moves.

Step 8: Conclusion

In conclusion, you have your car now. It’s all finished! This was very fun and cool for me to do. I hope you enjoyed this lesson on how to make a mousetrap car! Also I hope you learned something new from this lesson. Thank you for following along with this lesson!