Introduction: Moustrap Car

introduction: this mousetrap car that is really cheap and fun. kids would love to use it and use their creativity towards this fun and exciting mousetrap car. also if kids break this item you can make it more and more times because its really easy to fix and testes your brain a bit.

Step 1: Materials and Equipment Needed


square pieces of cardboard

glue gun

box cutter





zip ties

duct tape

Step 2: Step 2:wheels

use a straw then get a dowel, and 2 cds. put the straw in the middle, cut two pieces of cardboard and close it up and I should look like this image.

Step 3: Other Wheel

Repeat the steps but this time cut the straw into two little pieces

Step 4: Mousetrap Holder

Use one of your wheel sets, then get your mouse trap hold then glue it on one of the dowels you should be looking like this.

Step 5: Connecting Other Wheels

Used to dowels to create support under the mouse trap holder. Then glue it to your other will dowel and it should be looking like this.

Step 6: Mousetrap String

So now your going to get the mousetrap and get plastic sealers. Then get a doul cut it then get the plastic sealers, wrap it around the mousetrap square thing and close it on the stick do that 4 times and glue it down to the mousetrap holder. It should be looking like this.

Step 7: Mousetrap String

So now cut a piece of string that is 13 inches long then make a hook at the end then glue the opposite side of where the hook is at to the mousetraps dowel. The reason for this is to make it move by tiring it around the hook which is next step.

Step 8: The Hook

So now grab a paper clip bend it to a 90* angle and cut the connecting piece off and glue it to the front dowel and it should look like this.

Step 9: When Done ✅

That’s it a easy and fun car to make. Try it out sometime and have fun. If I breaks you can just do it over with the simple steps.