Introduction: Moveable Laptop Stand/mini Desk.

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Found the old "AB dolly 2" at the Goodwill store for 2 dollars and had to put it too use. I really needed a portable mini-desk/laptop stand.

Step 1: Get a Dolly! and Other Stuff.

Find a "AB dolly 2". Sure there is an unused one in someones garage sale or just sitting int the garage.
1 - 20 ft of pvc tube with a 1 1/4 inch inside diameter. (1 inch pvc will be too small.)
4 bolts, nuts and washers.
4 90 degree angles
Pvc glue
1 board to fit over tubing.

Measuring  tape

Step 2: Making the Posts

1. Measure from top of the dolly to the level you want the table to be.
2. Add height of elbow and wood.
3. Subtract result in part 2 from result in part 1.
4 . Cut two posts that height.

Step 3: Table Arms.

You will want to cut two lengths about 1 1/2 feet long.
Then cut a length about 5 1/2 inches to fit between the last two right angles.
Dry fit everything so that you know what it take to make everything level.

Step 4: Last Step

Glue the uprights to the short tubes on the dolly.
Add glue to the elbows and make sure they are parallel when you put them on.
put glue on the arms and make sure the bolt holes are straight up.
Add two more elbows and glue them on so the open ends face each other.
Glue in the short cross tube.
Let dry,

Add tabletop and secure bolts.

Your done

Note: I need to refinish the wood.  the unit also fits up against the be for a great snack table for watching tv in bed. I might also add some angle supports later for greater strength