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Introduction: Movie Codes

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As we all know some movies have codes such as Star wars or Lord of the Rings. This instructable will help you learn all of them.

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Step 1: Rune


Rune is the code that is used in the movie The Hobbit. It is a really cool code and you can find out a lot about the movie with it.

Step 2: Klingon


Kilngon is a very popular code that is used in the movie Star Trek.

Step 3: Huttese


Huttese is a Star Wars code that is commonly used in the movies.

Step 4: Aerubesh


Aurebesh is a language used in Star Wars. It is the most common language.

Step 5: Star Wars Trade Code

Star Wars Trade Code

This code is used in Star Wars as a trade code.

Step 6: Mandalorian


Mandalorian is a code used in Star Wars.

Step 7: Gnommish


Gnommish is a fairy language used in Artemis Fowl.

Step 8: Centaurian


Centaurian is a code that is used in Artemis Fowl

Step 9: Dwarf Runes

Dwarf Runes

Dwarf Runes is a code used in Lord of the Rings.

Step 10: Tengwar (A.K.A. Elvish)

Tengwar (A.K.A. Elvish)

Tengwar or Elvish is a popular code used in a lot of movies.

Step 11: Elvish Ring

Elvish Ring

Elvish Ring is a code that is used in Lord of the Rings.

Step 12: Germanic Runes

Germanic Runes

Germanic runes were used by vikings and they were used in the movie Lord of the Rings.

Step 13: Moon Runes

Moon Rune

Moon Runes is a code used in Lord of the Rings. Vikings also used this code.

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    Reply 5 months ago

    Well, a code is basically an alphabet with symbols instead of letters.


    5 years ago

    Tengwar is a script invented by J.R.R. Tolkien. The script on the One Ring is in fact Tengwar used in the Black Speech mode. This instructable has some issues; however, if they are amended this could be an interesting instructable.

    I love things like this is movies, little easter eggs for the dedicated fan. Gave you a vote, I think that this is quite awesome.