Introduction: Moxie Bread Ciabatta Recipe

Please note that this is an advanced recipe

These pictures where taken at a professional bakery so don't be intimidated by the big equipment in the pictures we have scaled the recipe down for you all to make this at home

This recipe was created by Moxie Bread Co in Louisville Colorado by master baker and owner Andy Clark and I have worked at moxie for the last year and Andy was kind enough to let me post this recipe on here so if you like the recipe come down and try the original at the restaurant located at 641 main street Louisville Colorado

Step 1: Ingredients and Appliances

Ingredients you will need include:

88.5 grams Beard flour

12.1 grams Whole spelt flour

50.3 grams poolish

2.6 grams salt

0.8 grams yeast

72.4 grams first water

23.2 grams second water

Appliances include:

Large mixer

large linen cloth or towel

Conventional oven

large tuber wear or bucket


scale (measures in grams)

Step 2: Mixing

Put all the ingredients in a large mixer and start to mix until it looks and feels like taffy like in the image above

Step 3: Fermenting the Dough

Take the dough out of the mixer when it has a nice taffy feel and put it in a large container big enough to hold all your dough then it needs sit for 2.5 hours and every 45 minutes the dough will rise and you need to push the air out of it then fold it on top of itself until its strong again.When fermenting it keep the room where your keeping the dough at 80*F

Step 4: Cutting It

Once it is done fermenting cut it into the shape that you would like.I would recommend cutting like the picture Above

Step 5: Linen Towel

When your done cutting place it on a line towel with some flour underneath it and let it rest for 2 to 3 minutes

Step 6: Baking

After it has sit on the line cloth flip the dough over with flour placed on the surface you intend to bake on and bake at 480* degrees for 30 minutes.if your oven can't handle that temperature try to get it as close as possible remember the hotter the temp the less bake time

Step 7: Enjoy

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