Introduction: Mr. Alehandro P. Duckers

so heres my monster!

Step 1: Building the Body

start by using a flower pot and a balloon to make the basic shape of the body, then either use plaster strips (about 2-3 layers) or paper mache (about 4-5 layers) to cover the entire thing. Let this dry then you have the main and stable body. 

Step 2: Painting the Body

Paint the body with a solid color and let dry, then using a dry paper towel or sponge use a second color to make a textured look. When dry paint a large black circle where the face will be and let dry. 

Step 3: The "hair" and Spines

the "hair" is made out of old t-shirs. cut them into strips that are about 1/2 and inch wide and 3-4 inches long. take 1 strip and knot it in the middle then hot glue the knotted parts in rows about 5 or 6 across to create a mane. Then cover cardboard triangle with a different old t-shirt to create the spines. hot glue these in a two columns, one on either side of the mane. 

Step 4: The Arms, Legs, and Beak

using a lightweight sculpy clay sculpt two arms, a beak, and who legs or feet. make sure to press each piece at the place they will be on the body so they still will fit on after they bake. follow baking instructions, then let cool. Then paint the extremities, and attach all of them except the beak to the body with hot glue. 

Step 5: The Face

paint two medium white circle in the black one, which will be the basis for the eyes. Then paint the pupils on. when dry attach the beak. 

Step 6: YOUR DONE:)


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